This really pisses me off. I just spent an hour zapping, which was fine. I had kept track of it in real time and written itall up then needed to unbold the last line and hit the wiki title instead and it wiped the whole damn post out and won't recover it!

I'm not going to recreate the whole thing. I think I'll just do it in Notebook next time and copy/paste it in.

I used a 40 minute tape supposedly of 3 minute segments of the first 13 items on this list of "beneficial, normalizing and stimulating frequencies." The lower-frequency ones tingled, but after about 6 that didn't match any more so who knows what was actually on the tape.

I will use my own recordings from now on. See what happens when you get lazy?

I have no idea how these frequencies were derived, possibly by peering into a radionics crystal ball, so don't have much confidence in them as I can't find out online how they were derived either.

I still have no seconds timer and felt a bit adrift without one especially as the file was playing on my iPod Touch and there was no indication of how far through the track I was. It seems to me, though, that I could make a video which would show the info I want and would still allow the audio track to be played through the APZ.

I was yawning a lot through the first 7 minutes of 30 KHz, which was good. The yawning pretty much stopped after that. overall the zapping cycle was fine, but nothing noteworthy about it other than the tingling felt on the low frequency segments.

Hasta mañana.

Zapperguy 21:50, September 29, 2011 (UTC)

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