Nausea from 15 Hz signal?

This zap cycle was the usual one hour overall with three 30kHz APZ internal circuit 7-minute zaps, and videos used to fill in the gaps. I used my APZ mini-programs #05, #06 and #07. I would have used #08 too, but by the end of the 15 Hz tone of the third one I was feeling nauseous and had to stop. I had just eaten some bran flakes with milk and honey, and was watching a movie (Lars Von Trier's Melancholia) at the same time as zapping, so I don't know if those factors had any relation to the queasiness.

I know that infrasound vibrations in this general area have a bad reputation. Whether the mild nausea was caused by the 15 Hz vibration or the other factors will need to be determined at a different time with no food and no movie-watching at the same time.

The vibration at 15 Hz with the APZ is very noticeable. I find I can easily feel anything below about 700 Hz. Above 1000 Hz there is maybe a very slight awareness of a tingle, but it is very slight. Some of the 600 Hz range signals noticeably bite (tingle).

Anyway, the nausea went away after a few minutes of no 15 Hz input, some cold water splashed on the face, and some cold water drunk.

APZ mini-pgms #01 to #08

I have now created and put online the first 8 of these 9 or 12-minute videos. There are 15 planned so far. Their form — "Stimulate the healing of ___" or "Normalize the production of ___" — is the form of Radionics commands, rather than hitting the resonant frequencies of individual pathogens like Clark or Rife frequencies aim at. I suspect the specific frequencies like 1524 Hz for "Normalize Red Blood Cell Production" were derived by Radionics means.

Figures derived from Radionics work and not zapping experiments

These could have come from dowsing with a pendulum, or using an SE-5, or some other regular (Radionics!) method. This is more likely than deriving them from zapping research, i.e. trying out different frequencies and checking the effects.

Zapperguy 03:04, October 2, 2011 (UTC)

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