Nausea not from infrasound

Did the usual APZ three 30 Hz internal runs 20 minutes apart with external input in-between. The nausea yesterday? I figure it was from the Melancholia film, the queasycam (handheld) camerawork in the wedding reception scene. I watched it again and had to skip over that scene as it was making me nauseous again.

In the zap tonight I did mini-programs #08, #09, #10. This included a few infrasound tones in the 15-30 Hz range, which I had no trouble with this time around.

Green and Yellow LEDs

I found the green light is very dim when the frequency is low (tens of Hz) and it is hard to see if the green LED is lighting up or not. The yellow LEDs will light if one is holding the handholds or not, and will also light if the Int/Ext switch is switched to the internal circuit, so one has to be observant to be sure one is doing the right thing (internal or external zap).

Also I noted that turning the iPod volume up makes the yellow LEDs burn brighter. I assume that means more current flows through the handholds, but I don't know what effect that has on the zapping.

Zapperguy 22:37, October 2, 2011 (UTC)

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